SOCALYPAA is the Southern California Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous Conference. It brings AA’s in Southern California together to reunite, share experiences and pass on the gifts of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our goal is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers and foster a unified community of thriving alcoholics. Our hope is to be an example and inspire both committees and individuals; new, large, small, and old that anything is possible with action.

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Our Beginning

The formation of SOCALYPAA stemmed from GSDYPAA, the Greater San Diego Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous committee. Members of this committee experienced the excitement and fervor brought by their participation in the 2008 ACYPAA bid process, and concluded that Southern California would benefit greatly from a second annual YPAA Conference.


“The unifying effect of bidding for and hosting a YPAA conference is something that committees from all parts of California should have the privilege of experiencing.”



last year

Advisory council extends their applause to the “Do or Die” Meeting for hosting SOCALYPAA X  in Orange County in 2017. The conference was a huge success. Congratulations to the "Young & Sober" Meeting for being awarded the opportunity to host SOCALYPAA 11 in Covina, CA! We want to thank all the bid committees for their participation in the bid process. Bid committees are the life blood of any conference, and if you are interested in bidding, click the bidding link to learn more.