The awarded host committee has the active responsibility of preparing for and hosting SOCALYPAA’s annual conference. Is your group ready to host the next SOCALYPAA? 

  1. The Bid Committee is required to provide the Advisory Council with its proposed date, time, and location (keeping with the requirement that this date is within 30 days after the end of the Conference) for Host Committee Elections at the time of the conference.

  2. A Bid Committee that has been awarded the Conference should consider itself the Interim Host Committee until Host Committee elections are held. Where scheduling is concerned, consider dates that are in the least possible conflict with other activities in your area, and wherever possible, activities in your surrounding region (other state Conferences, etc.).

  3. Establish a registration flyer detailing the dates, location, directions, contact phone numbers and any other information a person would need to attend the Conference. The flyer should not be produced until a contract is signed between the facility and the SOCALYPAA Advisory Council Chairperson.

  4. Establish the various Sub-Committees as you see fit for the performance of specific aspects needed for the planning of the Conference (programs, events, outreach, etc.)

  5. The Host Committee Treasurer is responsible to provide the Advisory Council Treasurer with monthly financial transactions reports and balance sheets. The Host Committee will have 10 days from the conclusion of its Conference to forward a financial statement, and check registers to the SOCALYPAA Advisory Council Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the newly selected Advisory Council members to ensure that these tasks are completed within a 10-day period. The Host Committee Treasurer will be prepared to sign the federal tax return covering their conference's activities upon request.

  6. A room must be made available for use by the Advisory Council for its meetings throughout the weekend.

  7. Save time for announcements by the Advisory Council at the end of the Saturday night meeting.

  8. The Host Committee Registration Chair is responsible for entering their conference registrations in either Excel, XLS or CSV format to help ensure the best possible opportunity for future conferences to do outreach via email and traditional mailings. The complete registration list, in a digital format, is to be turned over to the Advisory Council no later than 90 days from the conclusion of its Conference.

  9. The Host Committee is responsible for developing content, including but not limited to registration, hotel, pre-conference event, and banquet information, to be published via the conference’s domain name.

  10. The Host Committee is responsible for purchasing conference domain name and hosting for the year of the conference. The domain name should be SOCALYPAA followed by the

  11. The Host Committee Secretary is responsible for providing the Advisory Council Secretary with meeting minutes and committee reports on a regular and timely basis.