There are some thing's we've learned along the way. Here are some conference guidelines and suggestions.

  1. Return to your city and hold an election meeting with the young people in your area to select your principal officers and Subcommittee Chairs. Experience has shown that outreaching this election will go a long way toward building a large, unified Committee. 
  2. Good liaison with local Intergroup and Area Committees may be best assured if both provide a non-voting representative to give guidance when requested by the Host Committee. 
  3. At the Conference, wherever the main Conference registration is located, or the main focal point, we urge that nothing but AA Conference Approved literature be sold. Experience has shown that those who are unfamiliar with our traditions can be misled, especially the press, radio, and films. Please keep AA’s 12 Traditions in mind at all times. 
  4. Many alcoholics travel great distances to hear and meet with other young alcoholics, and to learn how the young alcoholic achieves sobriety. With this in mind, the Host Committee should endeavor to obtain speakers representative of young people. 
  5. Please publicize the Conference and any “early bird” events as soon as possible. 
  6. The Host Committee should be directly involved in any activity from which funds are generated.