Bidding is the process by which the SOCALYPAA host committee is selected. Is your group ready to host the next SOCALYPAA? 

  1. Each committee must draft a statement illustrating the reasons why you wish to host a Socalypaa in your area.

  2. Create a roster of committee members with their positions on the committee and other AA positions currently held.

  3. Detail the committee’s efforts to engage in AA’s legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service.

  4. Submit a purposed list of activities, events, and meeting topic ideas for your conference.

  5. Bidding committee must have a temporary preregistration flyer with a permanent P.O. Box for the committee.

  6. The committee agrees to host the conference between the months of September and November.

  7. Present a list of large scale AA and non AA activities scheduled to take place in your bidding region near the proposed conference dates.

  8. Obtain commitments from two or more distinct facilities able to accommodate the entire conference, both in sleeping rooms and meeting space.

  9. Obtain two quotes for audio visual equipment and services for each purposed facility.

  10. Provide detailed financial records from all committee activities.

  11. Supply documentation that shows the committee has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the host committee’s responsibilities and guidelines.

  12. Each committee will be given a maximum of 20 minutes for present their bid and theme of their purposed conference.

*Bidding committees are to provide at least 15 complete copies of their bids to the advisory counsel by 4PM the Friday of the SOCALYPAA Conference.
**No bids will be rejected.