Bidding is the process by which the SOCALYPAA host committee is selected. Is your committee ready to host the next SOCALYPAA? 

  1. At least three AA members must represent the bidding group.
  2. The conference should be held within the months of September or October.
  3. The bid committee will provide at least two quotes for audio-visual equipment and services that coincide with the committee’s tentative conference program, budget, and dates at each facility. Audio video must include line-item costs of equipment, labor, transportation, as well as needs from the hotel and host committee (insurance, parking, lodging, etc.).
  4. The Bidding Committee must have commitments from at least two (2) meeting facilities (usually hotels), including dates showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the facilities. Beverage, banquet, lodging prices, sliding scale and room blocks are to be included in the bid.
  5. Bidders must have a temporary pre-registration flyer with a permanent P.O. Box for the committee.
  6. Bid committees must show that no large-scale AA activity will be held in their city 30 days prior and 30 after the proposed conference date.
  7. Statements of support, one from the local AA intergroup and one from the district and/or area assembly must be presented.
  8. The new host committee must agree that 80 percent of proceeds, after expenses, will be turned over to the Advisory Council within 10 days of the conference ending.
  9. Each committee will be given a maximum of 20 minutes to present their bidding requirements.
  10. Each committee must draft a statement illustrating the reasons why you wish to host SOCALYPAA in your area.
  11. The bid committee will be required to demonstrate its financial commitment with A.A. as a whole being directly involved in any activity from which revenues are generated.
  12. Bidding committees are to provide at least 15 complete copies of their bids to the Advisory Council 4:00 PM the Friday of SOCALYPAA, but no bids will be rejected.